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Dimplex 23in Electric Fireplace Insert DFI2309

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Dimplex 23 inch model. Easy to use and install, low cost electric fireplace insert. Amazingly realistic flame effect! No on/off remote included


  • Dimplex Model: DFI2309 ( see full technical specs below).
  • 120 Volt, 1375 Watts, 4692 BTUs
  • Dimensions (inches): 23 1/4 in wide at front; 18 1/4 in wide at back; 11 in back to front (or 8 in to the top front excl logs) and 19 5/8 in high
  • Weighs approximately 34 lbs
  • Patented realistic flame technology
  • Low power consumption for economical operation
  • Separate switches to operate the flames and heat. You can check out our store for other Fireplace varieties
  • No venting or gas required, install in an existing mason or steel fireplace or build around it
  • Marked "Seconds" due to minor marks on sides/back/top. Does not impact operation or visuals. Any with operating problems or marks on front are sold at a lower price. Call us for a quote.
  • We test each unit before we ship it; however, the bulbs may come loose or the filaments may break during shipping. They are easy to change. Just unscrew the bottom front, lift out the logs and the 2 chandelier style bulbs are there to be replaced.
  • Safe and clean.

While the box and item are marked "seconds" it is due to damage on the cardboard box. There is no impact on operation or the visuals. They look brand new !

It will be shipped with significant packing to ensure it arrives safe and sound.

How Does It Work ?

The fireplace distributes an even heat over a wide area by means of a silent fan-forced heater. It will produce approx 4692 BTUs of heat. The flames and heater operate independently of each other so you can have just flames or flames and heat

Manufacturer Information:

Dimplex North America Limited is the world leader in electric heating, offering a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial products. The company's commitment to innovation has fostered outstanding product development and design excellence.

Dimplex North America Limited is a member of the Glen Dimplex Group of companies of Dublin, Ireland. The Glen Dimplex Group employs over 8,500 people worldwide with sales in excess of $3.0 billion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How efficient are Dimplex fireplaces and stoves?

Dimplex fireplaces and stoves are 100% efficient. All of the energy supplied to the unit is converted into heat, which stays in the room to keep you warm. Many gas fireplaces advertise 70-80% efficiency. This means that 20-30% of the energy supplied to the units is vented outside.

Is it expensive to operate?

No! Dimplex fireplaces and stoves operate for pennies a day. The flame uses slightly under 300 Watts of power. With an average electricity rate, the unit operates for a remarkable 3¢/hr providing all the warmth, ambiance and romance of a fireplace. When you choose to activate the heat feature along with the flame, the unit uses approximately 1500 Watts. The total cost to operate the flame and heater is approximately 8¢/hr* (gas fireplace manufacturers regularly advertise running costs of 17¢/hr)! *Electricity rates vary. 8¢/hr based on heater cycling at 50%

Can a Dimplex fireplace or stove be easily relocated?

Yes! Unlike gas fireplaces, which require venting fuel pipelines, a Dimplex fireplace or stove just needs to be unplugged! When you need a change you can move it to a different room and when you move to a new home you can take your investment with you!

Will a Dimplex fireplace or stove provide warmth and comfort in any room - large or small?

Dimplex fireplaces and stoves distribute a warm, gentle, even heat over a wide area by means of a silent fan-forced heater. It will produce about 4692 BTU of total heat.* So, working in conjunction with the home's primary heating system, the Dimplex fireplaces and stove is capable of taking the chill off just about any size room when required. *Most gas fireplaces produce over 20,000 BTU of heat in a single room while the average size home requires only 90,000 BTU to heat the entire house.

Can I set it up myself?

Yes! Just take it home and plug it in! Dimplex fireplaces or stoves plug into any standard 120-volt outlet and do not require a dedicated circuit. It's as easy as plugging in a lamp! In addition, a Dimplex fireplace or stove does not require any venting pipelines for fuel or expensive professional reconstruction to your home.

Where can I put a Dimplex fireplace or stove?

You can put a Dimplex fireplace or stove in just about any indoor area as long as it is clean and dry. Whether you want to add ambiance to your living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, foyer or dining room, as long as there's an outlet, there's no problem! Dimplex fireplaces are perfect for single family homes, condominiums, apartments, mobile homes or cottages.

Is it safe?

Dimplex fireplaces and stoves have full electrical certification throughout North America for complete peace of mind. To ensure the safety of your family members, no combustible energy sources are used to produce the flame. This means that you never need to worry about oxygen depletion or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. The glass remains cool to the touch to ensure children don't burn their hands on the glass. It also does not contribute to indoor moisture or mold concerns. Other features include impact resistant safety glass and safety cut out with reset controls.

Is it easy to maintain?

Yes. Every 2 to 3 years the light bulbs, readily available at any hardware store, will need to be replaced. You will be able to do this easily yourself. Most other fireplaces require ongoing, costly maintenance, which must be performed by qualified service technicians.

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