A Winter Wonderland!

Featuring... Wintertime Fun!

Featuring Wintertime Fun

Winter is here again, and so is the snow. This year, let's make a deal: enjoy the season. If you don't quite know how to actually enjoy the Winter, or are bored of the 'usual' snow-filled activities, try something new! We have what you need to make Winter enjoyable for your whole family! We have the solution for everyone! If you can walk, you can snowshoe, and if you don't enjoy walking, try a ride on a toboggan! The more fun you have, the faster time flies (and the faster Summer will be here again!)

Check out our Snowshoe Packages/Bundles to get the whole family outside together! Enjoy!


This Winter, don't hibernate the season away; try something new to enjoy it! Grab a pair of snowshoes for yourself, your kids, your friends, anyone who can walk! You would never believe the beauty that's hidden in the forests and trails you'll explore.
In addition to being a great way to enjoy Winter, snowshoeing is a great way to keep active. Snowshoeing burns twice as many calories as walking at the same speed! So what's holding you back!? Whether you're looking for a single pair or a family package, we have the right snowshoes for you! Click here for more information!

Don't let the snow make you feel like you can't get outside with the kids! What a perfect time of the year to take a walk somewhere you haven't been before! When snow covers the outside world, there's a new beauty to be discovered!
Sleighs are perfect for small children who can't yet walk, taking the kids to school, or enjoying a family hike through the snow! These Canadian-made sleighs come in 1 or 2 seaters! Did we mention this would be a great match with a pair of snowshoes for you to pull the sleigh? Click here for more information!

Featuring Wintertime Fun

Who wouldn't love a good, classic, Canadian-made toboggan? Endless fun is waiting and the snow hills are there, so we might as well use them! What's better than flying down a hill on a toboggan with the kids?
Make some memories and have a few laughs this Winter! Click here to choose a toboggan!
Don't forget to treat everyone to a hot beverage once you get home to warm up again!

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